Grid Switches

Discover our range of grid switches, covers and modules for organised and convenient electrical control for lighting, fans and more, all in one place.

Grid switches allow for multiple switches in one location and are deal for meeting bespoke lighting or electrical requirements in both domestic and commercial settings, our range includes fuse modules, grid key switches, grid plates and indicator modules.

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How do grid switches work?

Grid switches consist of a grid frame which can hold multiple switch modules, covered by a front plate. Each switch module can be easily installed and removed on the grid frame, making them a popular choice for their ability to meet bespoke requirements.

What are the benefits of using grid switches?

Keep walls neat and tidy

Grid switches reduce the number of switch plates needed on a wall into one convenient plate. This keeps your wall clutter-free and makes sure all the switches you need for your room are in one handy place.


Different types of switch modules can be included in a single grid plate and offers exceptional versatility in comparison to a standard switch. A variety of switch modules can be included, from rocker switches to dimmer switches and timer switches.

How do grid switches help conserve energy?

Grid switches can help to improve your energy efficiency by enabling the use of energy-saving modules such as dimmer switches and smart switches. Dimmer switches allow for adjustable light levels for different times of the day and can save energy by reducing the brightness when it is not required. Similarly, smart switches are typically equipped with motion sensors and timers to only use lighting and electrical appliances as needed.

What types of applications can grid switches be used for?

Grid switches are a useful addition to homes, commercial buildings such as offices as well as hotels and schools to manage lighting and other controls across large areas or different rooms. For example, grid switches allow people to easily switch lights on or off as needed from one centralised panel depending on whether it is in use. The ability to easily control lighting and other controls is essential in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for households, commercial spaces, healthcare and education.

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