A conduit is designed to protect essential electrical wiring from damage along the route it is installed. From metal conduit fittings to conduit beam clips, you're sure to find what you're looking for with YESSS Electrical.

Our vast range of conduits are sourced from leading brands for long-lasting durability and protection.

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What are electrical conduits and why are they used?

Conduits are designed to route cables and wires around commercial buildings and structures, keeping the wires organised and protected from damage or moisture. They are an integral part of compliance with building regulations and help to reduce the risk of hazards such as electric shocks and fires.


How do I choose the right type of conduit for my project?

Metal conduits are usually made of strong and durable materials such as galvanised steel and aluminium to protect the cables from damage. Rigid metal conduits are ideal for installation in exposed areas or for routing in straight runs, while a flexible metallic conduit combines strength with pliability.

PVC and HDPE conduits provide more flexibility than metal conduits and are corrosion-resistant too. They are perfect for manipulating to protect wires in smaller spaces and bends.


What conduit accessories do you supply?

At YESSS Electrical we stock a brilliant range of conduit accessories for secure and hassle-free conduit fittings. You'll find everything you need, from conduit beam clips, 2-way steel boxes, rubber gaskets for circular conduit boxes, adaptors and lids.


Can I use conduits for indoor and outdoor applications?

Conduits can be used both indoors and outdoors, buried or exposed, but it is important to check the durability of your conduit before installation. Look for UV-resistant PVC or hard-wearing metal such as galvanised steel to ensure good protection against sunlight, moisture and corrosion.

Unsuitable electrical conduit pipe materials can lead to deterioration, affecting the functionality of the electrical wires and increasing the risk of electrical dangers.


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