2kW Aluminium Electric Panel Heater with 24/7 Timer, 870 x 110 x 580mm, LED, White


2kW Aluminium Electric Panel Heater with 24/7 Timer, 870 x 110 x 580mm, LED, White

Part Code: MYHH0220A

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Part Code: MYHH0220A

This electric panel heater has a sleek, timeless look that you can easily fit into any décor. It looks equally at home in the living room, in the office, or on the shop floor thanks to its minimalist, professional design. This isn’t just for appearance’s sake, though; its slimline design also makes it an incredibly practical way to keep warm! As it’s so slim, it can easily be used in rooms where space is at a premium such as caravans and sheds.

Despite its compact size and light weight, this panel heater packs an incredible amount of heating power into its small frame. Both its heating element and exterior housing are made for aluminium, which is one of the best materials for heat conduction on the planet. This means your heater warms up quickly and stores heat in its fins very efficiently, so it can retain that heat without drawing power. The bottom line is these heaters pack an unrivalled amount of cosiness into a very small frame!

Keep your energy bills under control this winter thanks to the energy-saving features packed into this panel heater. It features a super-accurate thermostat (accurate to within 0.2 degrees) and a fully-programmable 24/7 timer. This gives you total control over how much energy you use and guarantees you’ll get the most for your money.

Thanks to its lightweight yet durable design, this makes for the perfect portable heater. If you don’t want to wall-mount it, it can easily be picked up and carried upstairs or wheeled into the ideal spot in any room.

It’s easy to get the most out of your panel heater thanks to its user-friendly controls. Even if you’re not comfortable with technology, you’ll soon be able to set the thermostat and program the timer without any problem – just consult MYLEK’s plain English instructions and use the simple LCD control panel.

If you’re a landlord looking for an affordable heating option for your property or a building contractor looking for an efficient heat for a new project, this is the panel heater for you. It’s ERP Lot 20 compliant, meaning it passes the highest legal standards for energy efficiency.

You can use your panel heater free-standing thanks to the included castors, but it also includes everything you need to mount it on a wall. This gives you complete flexibility in how you use it.

Colour White
Depth 110mm
Height 580mm
IP Rating IP24
Manufacturer Part Code MYHH0220A
Wattage 2kW
Width 870mm